Working With Devas to Heal Geopathic Stress

By Christan Hummel

Christan Hummel was a Flower of Life facilitator for a year and a half, and editor of the Unofficial FOL newsletter. She currently is working to assist others in the grassroots pollution clearing movement initially started by Slim Spurling and Drunvalo Melchizedek. She has spent the last 25 years working with the Devas and is now going around the country teaching others how to communicate with them and work with them to help heal the Earth.

I first became acquainted with the term “geopathic stress” upon meeting a colorful character named Slim Spurling. At the time, I was editing a newsletter that went out to Flower of Life graduates and had run an article talking about the pollution clearing project my friend and mentor, Drunvalo Melchizedek was involved with. I must say that upon first meeting Slim, I realized that I had a choice here, to be fooled by his “hill-billy act” as he calls it, or to search for the deeper truth about this man. Fortunately, for me, I went for the later. Drunvalo’s own description of Slim was that he was like the “Merlin of the West.” I found this to be a very apt description.

I interviewed this hill-billy Merlin, who after eating an 8 oz. piece of steak for breakfast went outside to smoke his daily quota of Camel cigarettes. My Hindu background had more issues with the steak and the leather coat and hat he wore than with the cigarettes, but I proceeded with the interview. Despite my attempts to focus on the interview, I could feel my judgments creeping up on me. “How can he be spiritual?” my mind was chattering. But it soon became clear that this man born in the Dakota hills, with his two foot beard and daily portions of meat and cigarettes, had discovered something that would change the course of human events.

I saw that his piercing blue eyes were as much interviewing me as my words were interviewing him. “Who was this man?” I kept asking myself. Was he just the simple backwoodsman with a background in metallurgy and chemistry who stumbled onto this technology through “dumb luck” as he claims? Or was he consciously applying his years of study into Alchemy and the Ancient Egyptian sciences to develop these tools that were supposedly doing such miraculous things as clearing up pollution and reducing crime rate in Denver? I couldn’t tell. After the interview, I remembered what I had read years ago from the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul, who said that the master cannot be seen unless he wishes it to be so.

Well, it came time for Slim to do his demonstration for the group of Flower of Life facilitators gathered in eager anticipation of his talk. He talked about how they discovered the tools, some of the physics behind how they operated, and gave some demonstrations on how to use them, but it was not until he went to dislodge some stuck energy in a volunteer’s body that I saw the truth about who this man was. He held up his hands and without any ceremony and swept them down in a quick motion. Suddenly, without warning, I saw a bolt of energy leap from his hands into the volunteer lying on the floor. In one fell swoop he collected and gathered the energies into a ball of light that went into the affected area like a bolt of lightening. In that instance, I saw the “Merlin of the West” that Drunvalo was so enamored with. “What a disguise!” I thought. “Who would even know?”

Thus began my relationship with one of the most interesting people I have ever met. As time passed, I wanted to learn more about what he knew. At first I learned everything I could about the tools he invented. Stories began rolling in about what people were experiencing with these Tesla-type tools. Soon afterwards, I invited Slim out to do his workshop, Geobiology, for our area, so we could learn more about these fascinating 4-D gadgets, which were so deceptively simple looking, much like their inventor.

Slim came out on three different occasions, and each time I heard a deeper level of what he knew. I videotaped his last workshop in San Diego and asked permission to assist him in sharing the information using the videotape of his workshop. As I began to share his work with others, I followed his format. I spent the first day discussing the geopathic and Hartmann lines—how to detect them, their effect on health, sleep patterns, financial flow, mental clarity and a whole slew of other symptoms that were well documented to be related to geopathic stress. I didn’t quite see the connection to the tools. It seemed like two different workshops, but I just followed his example and taught it the way that he did.

Each workshop brought a new level of understanding as I watched and re-watched the tapes. I began to see the connection, the whole picture so to speak, how it all tied into this incredible tapestry where everything was related to everything else. A big “aha!” showed the connection between the tools, the pollution project and the geopathic lines.

The tools themselves are made from copper, cut at lengths which are based on the sacred Egyptian cubit. The way they are wrapped (the rings for example utilize the caduceus coil) affect the energy flow through the copper. They are then electroplated with gold embedded with Bob Dratch’s wave form technology. It boils down to shape, wave form, and energy flow determined by the metal used and the sacred geometry employed. And while the results vary from people reporting reduction of their physical discomforts from migraines to broken bones, these tools also affect the environment as well.

What I learned is that when using the tools on an individual, on a quantum level the tools are reversing the “spin” from a “negative” (or dead life) spin to a “positive” life-enhancing spin. One direction was counter to life, and the other direction promoted life, whether it was plant life, animal life, or human (and we had heard numerous reports of these tools working wonders on all three.)

I could understand that, at least intuitively, but why does it affect the environment too? The connection to geopathic stress came when I looked at the research of Wilhelm Reich and his study of what he termed “orgone energy,” or life force energy, called kundalini, chi, ki, etc. by others. He also noticed its opposite, which he called “dead orgone energy” or DOR. He found DOR at the heart of very nasty storms. It is also in geopathic stress zones.

. “That’s it!” I realized. “The tools reverse the spin from dead orgone energy to positive life energy!” When people worked with individuals using these tools they were reversing the spin of stagnant energy in their bodies which produced their symptoms. People noticed great results. But once they went home and began to sleep and work in the geopathic stress zones, they filled up with this negative spin again, and for many people the symptoms eventually reoccurred. We saw this time and again. So the key to a permanent resolution lay with healing the geopathic stress. I finally understood why Slim devoted a whole day of the workshop to what seemed like an unrelated topic.

I began to research these geopathic lines—what they were, how they originated, and how to heal them. What I knew from Slim’s research was that they were zones of stressful energy which had a negative effect on life, plant, animal and human. They also seemed to affect inanimate objects like cars, appliances, and plumbing etc. We had numerous reports of people blocking the geopathic stress lines going into their house or office and suddenly appliances which didn’t work before began working! Others reported that houses that had been on the market for three years sold within weeks of blocking the geopathic lines.

It made sense from a Feng Shui point of view. The ancient Chinese knew well the effect of energy flow on the surrounding environment. They even had a tradition that you should build your house where the sheep slept because the animals instinctively knew to avoid these geopathic lines of energy. People would probably still have that instinctive sense as well if we lived a life more closely connected to the land, but we have divorced ourselves from that knowledge, and tend to live in highly technological societies, our lives governed by artificial creations like freeways, the internet, computers, phones and biologically engineered crops. Certainly, we have benefited from these advances, but the price is that we have lost the earth wisdom we used to possess from interacting with the land directly.

Geopathic zones were a crucial piece of the puzzle. I remembered what Slim had said about the pollution project they did in Denver. They placed the units (harmonizers) on the major geopathic lines going through the city. The effect was that the harmonizer was able to transmute the negative energy from the geopathic line that it was placed on. The results in Denver were astounding! Not only was the pollution cleared during the time of their experiment, but for the year that they did the experiment, the crime rate went down 36%, and the following year 51%. It seemed no coincidence that when they looked at the map of the city, that where these major geopathic lines intersected, that those areas were also the high crime districts as well.

Well, of course! The microcosm and macrocosm were reflections of each other. I had learned of the effect of these geopathic lines on the human body having a similar effect. The Hartmann lines, for example, were named after the two doctors who discovered them. They took 5,000 of their cancer patients and through dowsing located where these lines of energy ran through the patients’ beds. Where the lines intersected on a patient’s body was the exact location where their cancer developed. This was true in 98% of the 5,000 cases they studied!

Another researcher in Austria studied the effects of these lines on students identified with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder.) She took 3,000 cases of kids identified with ADD and simply moved their beds so that they were out of the path of these lines, and in 100% of the cases involved, there was a reduction in the ADD behavior. So if these lines affected our mental, emotional and physical states on a microcosmic level, of course they would affect our behavior on a macrocosmic level as well. And what better way to study the effects of that than in a city.

So the connections were becoming clear, but what to do about it? Certainly one could not put harmonizer tools everywhere there was a geopathic line. What Slim discovered was that if you put a copper rod into the ground at a 90 degree angle to the line that it caused the line to arc up and over the affected area, be it a house, or other piece of property. For many years, this is the approach which Slim and his partner, Bill Reid used to effectively divert these geopathic lines around the houses of the people who were being plagued by their presence. Wonderful stories abounded as people, many overnight, felt what it was like to be in a stress-free environment, many of them for the first time in their life. It doesn’t take many miracle stories before a person sees the importance of blocking these lines. Before long, we wanted to do everything, everywhere—schools, hospitals, malls, government buildings, airports. But pounding in rods was a time-consuming process, and the other consideration was that you had to be invited. I could well see the advantage of blocking the geopathic lines going through a school; however, I could not imagine many school boards giving the “okay.” In addition, the time it would take to do an area that size would be close to a week.

Little by little, I began to feel uneasy about diverting these lines into someone else’s back yard. I wanted to know how they were generated, and if there was a way to heal the energy permanently. Then a friend of mine returned from an open house visiting the magical garden of Perelandra where they had daily miracles in their garden working with nature spirits and devas. He came back excited with the possibilities of working co-creatively with the devas and using Machaelle Wright’s techniques for designing and creating a garden which was an example of human and devic cooperation.

Machaelle outlined the steps for healing the land of the geopathics in preparation for the garden. “What! HEALING them?” This was the missing piece. The information they had about the geopathic lines was coming from the devas themselves, who said that these geopathic lines are the accumulation of humanity’s emotional and mental residue that has been absorbed by the land—our psychic garbage, so to speak, that has collected into rivers or currents of energy. According to Slim’s research, these energy rivers are then drawn to those areas that are natural flow patterns in the Earth, either the Earth’s electro-magnetic lines in the case of Hartmann lines, or naturally occurring conduits such as fault lines, fissures, underground water tables and rivers etc. Machaelle was told that the nature kingdoms provided the service of holding these lines of energy until humanity matured enough to take responsibility for healing this unresolved energy.

Well, that sounded a bit far out to me, but I was living in a house that was a geopathic nightmare. And if it could work on my house, it would probably work anywhere. So I was willing to give it a try. We did the procedure that Machaelle outlines in her book, The Perelandra Garden Workbook, Volume 2, and instead of just doing the garden area, we did the entire 40 acres—the whole hillside that the landlord owns. It took about an hour—a process that would have taken weeks with the rod-in-the-ground method.

Within 24 hours we went out and dowsed the property, and much to my surprise, NO LINES at all! More dramatic was the change that I noticed almost immediately on the property. The landlord, a 45 year-retired Marine, changed almost overnight from being very militant, barking out orders to those around him, to being soft, sweet, and sensitive in his demeanor. I was amazed! I began to notice within days a tremendous influx of animal life onto the property. Rabbits, hawks, owls, hummingbirds, dogs, roadrunners, and even a friendly skunk who adopted me, were all newfound visitors.

The opposite was true of the persistent ant problem, which, as a last resort, I had begun to bombard with pesticide—something I am loathe to do. It turns out that ants and pests live off the DOR energy and the geopathic stress. Within two days the ants were gone completely. Another sign that something had changed was that the trees that I had planted, which once planted immediately lost all their leaves, began to sprout new growth—in the winter, no less!

Once we discovered that working with the devas to heal the geopathics was a verifiable reality, we began to work on areas we had previously yearned to do, but were not allowed to, or prohibited from doing due to limitations of the old method. We have done enough areas now, all with the same verifiable results, that I know that this method is effective for healing geopathic stress zones.

We have found that by working with the surrounding Devas in the area, we can even clear the geopathics for the downtown area of an entire city. We have done this already in San Diego, CA and in Corpus Christi, and San Antonio, Texas. Not only did the city feel better afterwards, but you could see a visible difference.

After we did the process in San Antonio, a person assisting who worked there commented that there were ducks in the river. I didn’t think much about that until he shared with me that in the 20 years that he worked there overlooking the river, he had never seen ducks before! The next day, we saw not only ducks, but a crane as well. He later dowsed the entire downtown area for geopathic or Hartmann lines, and could not find a single one. Beginning to doubt his dowsing abilities, he tried an area outside of the area cleared, and found numerous lines within a short distance.

I have come to realize that this is one of the many gifts that Earth herself is giving us to enable us to heal much of the emotional, mental and physical damage that has been done. The Hopi prophecy is that the Earth will be totally healed before we make our transition to the next level. I believe that this is one of the ways the Earth has given us to help restore Her to Her once pristine beauty.

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