Planet Vermont Quarterly, formerly Healing Options, is a small, independent publication with a regional emphasis yet a broad perspective. Our mission is to present thoughtful information that challenges people to keep their minds and hearts open and contribute their best toward a better world; to provide an appealing, low-cost venue for information on innovative, holistically-oriented activities, goods and services in the region; and to foster a sense of community centered on these ideals. PVQ is published as a service to the community. The editors volunteer their time, as do many of our contributors. All revenue from advertising and other sources goes directly toward production and distribution costs. Any profits are donated to charitable organizations doing work consistent with PVQ’s mission.

PVQ encourages readers to submit letters, articles, artwork, photos, poetry, prose, reviews and more for consideration for publication. We want to hear from young authors and artists, too! We give first priority to authors from Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and upstate New York areas, although we are open to submissions from writers from other areas as well.

We are interested in articles related to the theme of the upcoming issue (which is always printed in the current issue); interviews with interesting, inspiring and innovative people; first-person narratives and other articles related to the areas of alternative health and healing, relationships and community issues, spirituality, ecology and the environment, right livelihood, creativity, music, and the arts; and poetry and short stories. We are also interested in reviews: of unique small (or large) businesses in the region doing work consistent with PVQ’s mission; of restaurants that serve whole foods, seasonal foods, vegetarian foods, or excellent ethnic foods; and reviews of books related to the theme of the issue in which the review is published.

Feature articles usually run from 1800–2400 words, although we will consider longer pieces. Informational and advice columns and shorter pieces run from 500–750 words and reviews run roughly 300–500 words. Please study our back issues, available online or through written request, to get an idea of the kind of writing we publish. We reserve the right to edit any submissions for clarity and length. Please submit all written materials either on computer disk or as clean typewriter copy to our postal address:

Planet Vermont Quarterly
65 Hickok Street
Winooski, VT 05404

Phone: 802-655-4378
or via e-mail attachment or text to Please include a SASE if you want your material returned to you.

Because of our low budget and our emphasis on community service, we generally pay only a small honorarium for articles, ranging from $40 to $90 depending on length. We pay $15–$25 for poetry and $10–$20 for photos and illustrations to accompany articles.

We are interested in cover art in the form of photos or illustrations. Paintings, woodcuts, drawings, and other media that reproduce well in a black and white format will be considered. As with submission of written materials, please study the covers of our back issues to familiarize yourself with our style.

Deadlines are as follows: Spring (Mar-May) issue – January 15
Summer (Jun-Aug) issue – April 15
Fall (Sep-Nov) issue – July 15
Winter (Dec-Feb) issue – October 15

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