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Who we are:

Planet Vermont Quarterly, formerly Healing Options, is a small, alternative quarterly with a broad perspective yet a regional emphasis. Our mission is to present thoughtful information that challenges people to keep their minds and hearts open and contribute their best toward a better world; to provide an appealing, low-cost resource for exchanging information on innovative, alternative goods, services and activities; and to foster a sense of community centered on these ideals.
Planet Vermont Quarterly is based in Winooski, VT, linking people across the rural communities of Southern, Central and Northwestern Vermont and our neighbors in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York. 20,000 copies per issue are distributed to over 350 locations. Planet Vermont Quarterly is published four times a year: Spring (Mar-May); Summer (Jun-Aug); Fall (Sep-Nov); Winter (Dec-Feb).
Who reads Planet Vermont Quarterly? People interested in thoughtful, holistic approaches to personal, social and planetary well-being. They welcome information on healthy life-styles and foods, environmental concerns, spirituality, family and relationships, outdoor activities, and arts and entertainment.
We make it a priority to have a good relationship with our advertisers and to provide people with an excellent venue for promoting their businesses. Advertising rates for Planet Vermont Quarterly are low, our service is personalized, and we take pride in producing a good-looking publication of which you will be proud to be a part. PVQ is the primary source of alternative information for many of our readers, who welcome information on products and services that may otherwise be unavailable to them locally.

There are four ways to advertise in PVQ:
A graphic format with moderate use of text.


A brief, detailed description of your product or service, in a categorized directory format. Can include logo, small illustration, or photo.

Logos, Artwork, and Photos:
Please submit graphics on a separate sheet of paper. Black ink on white paper reproduces best. There is a $10 charge for new or changed photos. No charge for camera-ready logos, including computer images (EPS, JPEG, TIFF or PDF formats). We can create a logo from your sketch for an additional $10.

Provide us with a simple, detailed description of your product or service as you would like it to appear in your ad. We will typeset it in our standardized directory format. Sorry, no special fonts, and no camera-ready ads.

Up to 125 words:$55
Additional words:50¢ / word
New/changed ad set-up:  $10
Photo set-up:$10
Logo composition:$10
For advertising one-time or on-going events, meetings, classes, etc.

Up to 100 words: Free
Additional words: 25¢ / word
Classified listing of products or services. Includes name and phone number only. For Resource Guide advertisers, directory listing category will match that of Resource guide ad. For Display advertisers, please indicate category, otherwise we will choose.

$15 per listing
Free with Display or Resource Guide ads.
To place an advertisement, please fill out a copy of this form and mail it to us with your check or credit card information. If you don’t already have it, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this PDF file. If you can't download the form, feel free to contact us and we will send you a copy (or simply work it out over the phone).

Contacting us:

Planet Vermont Quarterly
P. O. Box 587
Winooski, VT 05404

Phone: 802-654-8024


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