Healing Happenings Winter 2000-2001

Nov. 7 & 21 and Dec. 5 & 19: Women’s Meditation Group. 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Time intended to nurture and nourish ourselves, bringing about peace and openness to take out into the world. Ongoing, led by Christine Morgan. Cost – $20 series of four sessions. Fern Hill Cottage, 101 Dorr Drive, Rutland, VT. (802) 773-0003.

Nov. 25: Loving Ourselves and the Earth Through Creativity. Join the fun of this multi experiential morning. Offering creative ways to express ourselves and our love for the planet. Led by Marianne Cenko. 9:00 – 12:00 p.m. $30. Pre-registration required. Fern Hill Cottage, Rutland, VT. (802) 773-0003.

Dec. 7: Creating Balance through the Emerging Intuitive. 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Join us for this introductory class. Regular classes begin in February, and are designed to help you integrate your rational and intuitive abilities. Enjoy the company of others, experience personal growth, have fun and help the planet all at the same time! Ongoing, led by Avery Cleary. $15. Fern Hill Cottage, 101 Dorr Drive, Rutland, VT. (802) 773-0003.

Dec. 9: Seeds of Change: An educational workshop for women in their peri-menopausal/menopausal years. We will discuss the history and uses of herbs, flower essences, and homeopathic remedies. You will learn the energy anatomy of the human body, and be trained in simple hands-on healing techniques. We will explore what it means to become a “wise-woman”, including creating rituals to celebrate this important passage. $50, includes S. Weed’s book Menopausal Years, a personal journal, spring water, hot herbal tea, and a healthful snack. Facilitated by Mary Kochenour, M.Ed., from 9am-1pm, at The Shiloh Center in Pownal, Vermont. To register call 802-823-7258.

December 12: Winter Solstice at Spirit Hollow, North Bennington, VT. Come celebrate the return of the light with a potluck, spirit-guided solstice ritual, fire ceremony, and participant-generated music in our beautiful, forest setting in Shaftsbury. Late afternoon till after dark. Call Tracey and Emery for more information: (802) 447-3895. No charge, just you!

Dec. 17: A Gathering in Spirit. Brenda Morgan, Ph.D., Spiritual Guide and Mentor, shares inspiration and mediation. 7:15 – 8:30. Donation. Pre-registration requested. Fern Hill Cottage, 101 Dorr Drive, Rutland, VT. (802) 773-0003.

Dec. 17: Winter Solstice celebration. 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Donation—$5/person, $10/family. Fern Hill Cottage, 101 Dorr Drive, Rutland, VT. (802) 773-0003.

Jan. 12 – 17: Auro-soma Level 1 training will be offered in Ripton, Vt, Contact: Carol McKnight – (802) 388-6227. Topics covered in the course include The Theory of Colour and Vibration, The Language of Colour, Colour Therapeutics, Chakra Stations, Map of our Auric Field and more. For more information about Auro-soma, visit http://www.aura-soma.com/

Jan. 26 & March 23: Chick Night at Papyri Books in North Adams, MA. Chick night presents performances by local young women musicians, and a poetry open mic for both chicks and boys! Young women interested in performing should contact Erica Schmitz at (413) 663-7588.

Feb 14-17: Basic Mediation Training at Bennington College. Cost: $375. This 28-hour basic mediation training will provide you with a model for mediating interpersonal disputes and an understanding of the role and skills of a mediator. Conducted by Woodbury College. For more information, contact Bennington Community Justice Center, P. O. Box 302, Bennington, VT 05201, 802-440-4384

March 8: A public Introductory lecture on the wholistic use of essential oils, color and sound, and welcome reception with Dr. Dietrich Gumbel, PhD, author of Principles of Holistic Therapy using Herbal Essences, $5 donation requested. For more information, contact 802-362-3633.

March 9-11: Workshop with Dr. Dietrich Gumbel, PhD, author of Principles of Holistic Therapy using Herbal Essences, at the Equinox Hotel in Manchester, VT. International certification will be awarded, which includes the wholistic use of essential oils, color and sound. Workshop also includes a personal session with Dr. Gumbel during the weekend. A Public Introductory lecture and welcome reception will be on March 8th, $5 donation requested. For more information, contact 802-362-3633.

March 10: A workshop uniting Feng Shui and the Labyrinth - 9AM - 4:00PM in Bennington, VT. Presented by Carol Wheelock, M.ED, a certified Feng Shui Consultant, and Judith Joyce, Vice President of the Labyrinth Society, Labyrinth Consultant, workshop & seminar leader, speaker, dowser & Reiki Practitioner. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of living harmoniously with our surroundings. It offers guidelines for understanding the relationship between people & the spaces they occupy. Labyrinths are ancient sacred patterns that allow us to find our center, reconnect with our selves, each other & Spirit through walking meditation. Join us to experience the powerful, clarifying and healing combination of Feng Shui and the Labyrinth. Fee: $100. Bring your lunch and a floor plan of your living space. For more information call or email: Carol Wheelock (802-496-2306), ccwheel@accessvt.com; or Judith Joyce (802-496-9237), jmjoyce@spirit-matters.com by Thursday, March 9.

April: Herbal Apprenticeship and Natural Healing Program with Jane Smolnik, Iridologist, Intuitive Healer, Herbalist on her 70 acre farm in Springfield, Vermont. Learn identifying, preparing, and using herbals, nutrition, cleansing, flower essences, aromatherapy, body systems and natural therapies. Call 802-885-5500 for brochure or visit www.crystalgardenherbs.com

April 14: Beekeeping workshop with Charles Andros, former NH/VT Apiary Inspector, from 1-3 PM on Saturday, , at the Paul Harlow Farm on Route 5 in North Westminster, VT, 1/2 mile north of the I-91 Exit 5 ramp. Look for the “BEE” sign on the west side. Topic of discussion will be early spring management: locating apiaries, equipment, handling bees, feeding syrup and pollen supplements, mite treatments, making nuclei, reversing, and requeening. Bring a veil, if you have one, as we shall be opening some colonies. Rain date: April 15. To register by email: indena@sover.net or call 603-756-9056.

April 20-22: Sacred Geobiology/Earth Healing workshop in Bennington, Vermont, with Jennifer Vyhnak and Rich Dube. Through advanced subtle energy technologies using light, sound and sacred geometry, the Geobiology Research Associates have developed a means to reduce pollution, decrease stress, and improve personal and business health. This workshop will explore the principles and applications of this new science. The methods and tools represented will give each participant a working knowledge of the devas and angels of this region and how to cleanse an area of negativity and pollution. If Findhorn, Perelandra, and the work of Machaelle Small Wright, Drunvalo Melchizedek and Slim Spurling interest you, this workshop is a great opportunity. To pre-register, and for more information, call Susan or David at 802-447-2173. For a 130-page packet of information on the pollution clearing efforts, geopathic clearing, and work with the devas, please send $7 (US funds) to: Earth Transitions, 1726 Lemon Heights, Oceanside, CA 92056.

Ongoing: Dream Group Forming - Using a Jungian orientation, we will share and discuss our dreams in a safe and supportive setting. Led by Janet Langdon, M.Div., psychoanalytic psychotherapist, in Putney, VT. Call (802) 387-5547 for information.

Ongoing: Drum Circle and Drumming community forming in North Bennington and Bennington area. Call (802) 447-0009 for more information.

Ongoing: Thresholds—Introduction to Shamanic Perception and Technique; Reiki levels I, II and III, Deep Ecology Walks; Intuitive Healing Workshops and Individual Sessions; Expressive Arts: Writing, Drawing, Sound & Movement; Right Livelihood—early spring symposium to be scheduled. For more information or to add your name to the mailing list please phone Director Bonnie Hoag at (518) 854-7764 or write to her at 148 Stanton Road, Shushan, NY 12873.

Ongoing: Word Play - A monthly reading and open mic held the second Saturdays of each month. Poetry, stories, essays. plays, etc. 7:00 p.m. reception, 7:30 reading, by selected authors, followed by an open mic. Papyri Books, North Adams, MA. (413) 662-2099.

Ongoing: Acuostic Jam/Song Swap - come to play or listen. First and Third Fridays of every month. Papyri Books, 49 Main Street, North Adams, MA. (413) 662-2099.

Ongoing: Free meeting space at The Hadley Luzerne Public Library at 19 Main Street in Lake Luzerne The library has doubled its size and is a wonderful space for your club or class - right on the Hudson River. Come check it out and decide for your self. In addition, we’re looking for artists, musicians, holistic health practitioners and local history enthusiasts, to come to the library for programs. We have gallery space, acoustic and unplugged performance space, glassed-in display cases, open cameo displays, etc. Kim Andrews, Librarian, Hadley Luzerne Public Library, 19 Main Street Lake Luzerne NY 12846, Mon, Wed, & Sat 9-2; Tu & Th 1-7, other times by appointment.

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