Demystifying Astrology, Part II

By Lisa Verschoor

In my first article, I explained the importance of using an astrologer for their guidance and understanding of how we are living our life and dynamically and consciously working with the energies at hand. It does not necessarily answer the question of why we live. This is only a spiritual vehicle for the journey. I hope all of you at one time or another will have your chart and a professional reading done so that you can witness this valuable tool first-hand.

I would like to tell you a bit about this cosmic dance. To begin with we refer to the first seven planets as the earth planets. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. These are believed to be the seven spirits before the throne of God mentioned in Revelation in the bible. We have seen these energies play a significant part on all life force on earth. Through our evolution, more dramatic energies have entered the picture with the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The Sun is said to be the “Greater light” and is associated with the sign Leo the Lion. In a chart it also represents the father. This planet is the main expression of who we are as individuals—our “soular” self! It is the blueprint and the basic core of our being. Where the sun is located in a person’s chart and which sign it occupies signifies the vitality and leadership ability of that individual. When we look at which of the twelve houses, or areas of life it is located, we are able to determine where the person has the capability of contributing the most in this lifetime. The Sun signifies will, power, drive for importance, the fuel the personality operates on and strength. It rules the heart in the physical body and the fifth house, which is our creative endeavors and children.

The Moon is known as the “lesser light”. It must shine by the reflected light of the Sun. The combined electrical and magnetic force of these two lights produces a constant ebb and flow on earth. Our emotional “tides” are influenced by the moon. The Moon is associated with Cancer the Crab and the 4th house of the chart. It also represents our mother and our path into this life since we all came through our mothers. These are our collective emotions and where we hold the past and memories. Instinct and conditioning set the course. Where the Moon is located in our charts determines where our emotions have full sway. It is where we possess a strong need for nurturing, home and family. She represents our personality, feelings, intuition, femininity, memory and receptivity. She oversees our stomach and breasts in the physical body. The moon in a chart tells the key to intimacy with life. It shows the spiritual lineage of the person and the epic journey we have taken to get here. We look at the aspects that come into the Moon in a chart so that we can tell not only the flavor, but also the uniqueness the individual has brought forth. The Moon says, “trust your feelings” Moods are messengers that bring information. Thinking and feeling the mood does no good unless it is given a voice. It needs to be physical and not abstract. If we do not express moods, they become toxic. We become dis-eased. It shows the relationship we have with our mother and unresolved issues through birth transmission. On a grander scale, the Moon in our chart tells how we can honor that part of ourselves which is connected to the flow of the oceans and the flow of the cosmos. The Moon’s location shows where we are learning to respond to pressure, and our capacity to feel and respond appropriately.

Mercury “The Winged Messenger” is the planet of intellect. By sign, it is associated with Gemini the Twins and Virgo the Virgin. This planet represents our mind and how it operates and is esoterically referred to as “the link between heaven and earth”. We also recognize the mind as the link between the soul and personality. Mercury has rulership over our nervous system and all communication within us and without. In Gemini it is restlessly searching for knowledge and the union of opposing forces and in Virgo it learns to foster healthy communication with this knowledge so that it may be used for healing. This is neither feminine nor masculine in nature but neutral. Wherever Mercury is placed in a chart it signifies intellect, logic and reasoning, perception, brothers and sisters, short journeys, and publishing. This sign rules the third and the sixth house of our charts.

Venus is our magnetic attracting power, the Goddess of Love. It is feminine and receptive and rules over the throat, neck and ears. It is associated with both Taurus the Bull and Libra the Scales of Justice. Venus rules over the 2nd house, which signifies the law of attraction and what it is we desire, and the 7th, which represents what we attract in our partnerships and marriage. It also represents personal affection, divine compassion, money, gifts, art, song, luxury and what our priorities are in relationship to material and immaterial objects.

Mars is the indicator of energy and expression. It is associate with Aries the Ram, rules the head, the face and the 1st in the birthchart. Mars has to do with our courage, willfulness, aggression, strife, sports, selfishness and passion. It is blissfully unaware of limitations. Therefore, its power to create is magnificent since it is not bound by limiting thoughts. There is always the choice whether this power is to be used selfishly or heroically. This is the area of our life that shows how we take initiative and go into battle. Mars is fire. The house and sign placement in our charts determines the dynamic energy that can either bring us tension or strife.

Saturn is known as “Father Time” and the planet of structure. It rules Capricorn the Goat and is associated with the 10th house in a chart. It demands the acceptance of the material world as a temporary proving ground for the spirit. It also signifies limitations and our weaknesses. In the birthchart it shows our discipline, organization, ambition, old age and self-preservation. In our physical bodies, it rules the knees, our bones, skin and teeth. Saturn in our chart collects and retains the impressions of our experiences. It gathers the fruit of these experiences and builds accordingly. To the ancients, this planet was known as “the Tester” because it tried a person’s endurance until they grew strong enough to withstand all the demands of the personality. It also shares the title with Pluto of the Lord of Karma. Depending on which sign and house it is located, there it is indicative of where we have use of discipline and where we will to take responsibility and make the most effort. This is where we redeem ourselves through tests and trials.

Jupiter is ruler of Sagittarius the Archer. The largest planet thus far which represents the “big picture” and the principal of expansion, and aspiration in our charts. It is where we prosper and gain abundance. Jupiter rules the hips and thighs in the body. It is also affiliated with legal matters, religion, long distance travel, philosophy, faith and optimism. In a chart it is the ruler of the 9th house. Sagittarius is the bringer of truth and wants to spread the word. Jupiter’s lesson is restraint in knowing when to speak and when to be silent. Knowledge shared with one who is not ready can do more harm than good. Known as the teacher and visionary, Jupiter’s location in your chart is where the arrows point to the acquired light and wisdom gained on the journey.

Uranus is the symbol of the highest energy of all. It symbolizes the Sun behind the Sun and represents intuition that comes like lightening into our consciousness. It rules Aquarius and its symbol is the Water Barer. As ruler of the 11th house of friends we find wild and crazy happenings, and deliberated tradition-busting. The location in the birthchart signifies where we exert freedom, independence, originality and genius. It is rebelliousness and cosmic consciousness. It also has rulership over the ankles and calves in the body, computers and weather. This is the area of life where we are the most original and unique and where we will jump on the bandwagon and help our fellow human beings. Uranus is the transformer of humanity and with a vision of a peaceful and beautiful world obtained through rebelliously fighting for social causes.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces the Fish and is associated with the 12th house. The feeling qualities of Neptune are heightened and mediumistic in nature. Its purpose is to reveal the divine potential that we all strive to reach. It is has rulership over the feet and is ultra sensitive in nature. This is a feminine vibration that sees the best in a person or situation, sometimes unrealistically. Because Neptune is indiscriminately empathic, it can cause much suffering to the self and contributes at times to escapist tendencies. Divine compassion is Pisces gift but can be a double-edged sword. Wherever Neptune is located is where one must serve the universal whole. It is psychic, dreamy and deceptive at times. Alcohol, drugs and anesthesia are all part of Neptune’s influence.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio the Scorpion. It is affili-ated with the 8th house and is the symbol of power and control. It is the area of our lives that we are good at spotting clues, going to great depths, and our perception is heightened. Pluto is all about sex, death, taxes, jealousy, underlying agendas, and control. Power can either implode or explode. The one primary focus and choice of our Pluto energy is to decide how we will use this power to transform ourselves and situations for a higher good. Pluto is affiliated with the sexual organs and thus sex in our charts. It is the area where our lower natures must be conquered and purified before the light of the soul is transmitted out to our personality and used for progress.

In part three I will discuss the different houses and how the planets and signs take on particular characteristics in each. Until then, Namaste.

Lisa Verschoor is an astrologer in North Bennington , VT who does phone, taped and personal consultations. She draws from 15 years experience in this lifetime, and has an extensive, nation-wide client base. She is an active member of the American Federation of Astrologers, and has written astrology forecasts for the television show “Pandora” and Lifetime Television. She offers a variety of astrological charts: birth, progressed, solar returns, relocation, transiting, composite and synastry.

Contact Lisa at PO Box 781, North Bennington, VT, 05257, or e-mail for appointments.

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