In Partnership with Angels

An Interview with
Molly Sheehan of
Green Hope Farm

Flower Essences, for those unfamiliar with them, are a kind of vibrational “medicine,” similar to but different from homeopathy, that work at a deep level to heal us from the fears and illusions that prevent us from recognizing our own power and goodness—our divinity. As Molly Sheehan writes in The Guide to Green Hope Farm Flower Essences: “Burning in each one of us is the deep desire to be a force of Love in the world. This is really the same as our desire to be our true selves, for we are love.” It is clear why Green Hope Farm Flower Essences are beloved by an ever-widening circle of people.

PVQ: How did you get started in flower essences?

Molly: My second child was born with a birth defect. This started my search for answers – “Why am I here? Who am I? Why do painful things like this happen? Are events random or planned? Where is God in all this?” I hurt enough that I no longer feared the answers would move me from my view of reality. I hoped to be moved.

Doors opened. Books flew off shelves. Spiritual teachers appeared, sharing with me a new map of the world. Events called me to look into my own heart for answers.

I discovered there was a plan. Everything that happened served to wake me up from my illusions. The main illusion was that I was separate from God. The part of myself that was awake, the God part, came out to meet the part of me longing to awaken from this dream of separation. Our joint work of wake up calls would continue until I knew that “God and I are not we but one”.

The illusion that I was separate made me a mass of energetic knots that only the awakened God part of me could untangle. This awakened part of me would show its face in so many ways—angels, spiritual teachers, meaningful coincidences guided me in the years to follow.

I learned that experiences were neither good nor bad, they were just necessary for the untangling. This didn’t mean that I liked the painful events! I much preferred my joyful times in the garden with the Angels and Elementals.

When I began my search, I stopped trying to fit into the mainstream. I acknowledged that I was able to talk to Fairies and Angels, and that I remembered my past lives. It was time to see why I was so conscious of my connections to other realms, and time to find my life’s work.

Flowers were at the heart of it. Guidance from the Angels and Elementals led to the creation of gardens with amazing vitality, unusual geometries and incredibly high energy. Angels designed the gardens, and Elementals brought it down into form. I shoveled the manure! My partners were unconditionally loving, humorous, inspiring, and always there.

Early in our joint work, they asked me to make Flower Essences from the abundant flowers of the farm. There exist on Earth incredible tools for dismantling our illusions of separation. Flower Essences are one of these tools.

PVQ: Could you give a brief description of flower essences: what they are, how they work, how they compare with homeopathy, for instance?

Molly: Each Flower Essences holds a unique vibrational wisdom that breaks up some specific illusion that we exist separate from God. If we hold onto an illusion for long enough, it becomes more than just a mental or emotional idea in our energy system and will manifest in our physical body and affect our health. For example, if your parents told you when you were small that you were a “pain in the neck”, you might believe it and proceed in all your interactions, even into adulthood, with the belief that you were an irritation to others. Eventually you might actually experience a pain in your neck.

Your body manifests the ideas you hold, whether you are fully conscious of them or not. Taking a Flower Essence to address a mental or emotional illusion will often result in a physical improvement. As the idea is dissolved, so too is the physical out-picturing of the idea.

When we take a Flower Essence, we offer our energy system a choice between continuing to vibrate at the denser rate of our mental or emotional illusion, or replacing it with the Flower Essence’s specific higher vibration of Oneness beyond illusion. If you were the person experiencing this illusion of being a pain in the neck, you might take an Essence like Pink Tecoma with its vibrational truth “ I AM unconditionally loved by God. I AM God’s beloved child. The Divine Mother holds me in her embrace.” Pink Tecoma would hold this vibration in your energy system until you released the illusion and remembered the original truth.

I am not a purist about how to heal the illnesses resulting from our illusions, but one reason I love Flower Essences is because they so thoroughly get to the heart of the matter, once and for all. I have needed allopathic interventions in my life and am grateful for their gifts, but I look to Flower Essences to get to the source of the problems and to help me heal on the deepest level possible.

PVQ: What are your personal, professional and spiritual influences? How do you experience angelic/devic communication?

Molly: I go into my heart for my conversations with the Angels, Elementals and God. I hear voices and see inner pictures, sometimes whole movies. I go to my heart because it is the meeting place between the part of me that is trying to wake up and the true awakened me which includes the Angels, Elementals and God. That I still need to experience them as separate from me doesn’t mean it is so—it’s just I am still asleep. The heart is where I will wake up.

PVQ: For what sorts of problems or issues are essences most beneficial? We have a lot of choices between homeopathy, essences, herbs, Reiki and energy-oriented body work, spiritual or intuitive counseling, etc. How do essences differ from or compliment these options?

Molly: I use Essences for everything, but I came to that place of complete confidence and trust in Flower Essences over time and after many healing experiences with them.

Flower Essences dovetail beautifully when used in conjunction with other healing modalities. Flower Essences do not require us to choose only one way to heal. They support whatever combination of methods we are called to use.

I learned how well Flower Essences compliment other modalities a decade ago when I did past life readings. The Angels had me make a mix of Essences in water for people to sip throughout their session. I also would send people home with a mix of Essences to help them integrate the session. People began to call for refills and our mail order business was born. Essences help people hear the information presented, and help people “click” about patterns of illusion that show up life after life. Most importantly, Essences help people let these illusions go.

PVQ: You have essences from your own gardens, but also from Bermuda and the Adirondacks. Why those places in particular?

Molly: Green Hope Farm has a specific mission to reunite worlds we perceive as separate, to bring Heaven to Earth. The high vibration of the farm makes our Flower Essences higher in vibration as well.

This is one reason why we spend so much time meticulously following the Angels’ and Elementals’ directions about all aspects of our work at Green Hope Farm. We want the Essences to hold as much divine love, wisdom and power as they possibly can. We want you to have the best tools to serve your light as we can possibly offer. Every time we remove some illusion from the land, we help the Flower Essences. Every year the garden mandalas raise up the vibration of the place, positively affecting the Essences. That we get to live and work in this Shangri-La is an incredible bonus.

Flower Essences were made in Bermuda during the time of Atlantis. The vibrations of the gardens where we make our Bermuda Essences connect in a pure stream of light with the original gardens on Bermuda where so much Flower Essence research was done. Our Bermuda Essences carry momentum from this spiritual connection.

While I must work consciously with the Angels and Elementals to clear Green Hope Farm of anything not of the light, the violent cleansing weather of the Adirondacks and its general isolation from the vibrations of people make it a very cleansed environment for high vibration flowers to grow and be made into Flower Essences.

Bermuda Essences are very expansive and help us to discover and express hidden talents. Adirondack Essences more restrained and help us find immense inner strength when we are under siege. In this way the geography of the places is echoed in the gifts of their Flower Essences.

PVQ: There are many different flower essence systems or product lines from many different areas, and essences from other things like gems, fruits, even glaciers and astrological events. It can get confusing! Some say that seasonal, locally grown foods are best for you, or that the herbs that grow around your house or the “weeds” in our garden are often the very ones you might most benefit from. Is anything similar to this idea within flower essence therapy, that is, that essences from flowers that grow in your area might have the most benefit?

Molly: It is confusing! My way through the confusion is to go into my heart and ask how to proceed. The guidance is more about rule breaking than rules. The Angels call it “Dogs but no Dogma”. Their garden designs are never even remotely similar year to year. The gardens themselves upset preconceived notions of reality with orange tomatoes, purple beans, yellow cucumbers, pink eggplants and green zinnias. There is nary a straight row and herbs, flowers and vegetables are planted together in a mind-boggling variety of ways. So to answer your question, local essences might be good for someone and might not be important at all to another. Even if local essences are significant right now, the Angels and the Essences may turn on a dime and head you out in another direction without a moment’s notice. As the awakened part of ourselves, they see our knots and know exactly the unorthodox twists and turns which will untie us and take us home to Oneness.

PVQ: Do you ever struggle with doubt, credulity, or confusion as far as your work, partnership, or communication with angels?

Molly: My first season, I received very specific garden plans and unusual directions. In a few short weeks, I had gardens that were magnets for visitors, filled with enormous produce and stunningly beautiful flowers. The Angels didn’t leave me very long in a state of wondering if I was crazy.

I continue to turn to the God within me and the beloved Angels and Elementals for guidance about all aspects of running Green Hope Farm. Sometimes I experience doubt that I can do what I am asked to do because I have no business training. It is in returning to my heart that I find a place beyond these doubts.

The decisions have become more significant in terms of their consequences, so I am grateful for the momentum of years listening to answers to questions like “What goes in this ring of the vegetable garden?” Confidence in my connection helps because the guidance isn’t just about beets anymore. This year I was told “You need a new building four times the size of your existing facility.”

PVQ: Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

Molly: Each Flower Essences is a unique vibration of Love. So are we. Love is really at the heart of all illusion-busting and is our path home to Oneness with God. Flower Essences ignite the love within us, and therein lies their magic.

Molly Sheehan works with Angels, Elementals and other Humans at Green Hope Farm to make Flower Essences. The “Guide to Green Hope Farm Flower Essences” is available free on request. To contact the farm, write: POB 125, Meriden NH 03770; email:; Phone: 603-469-3662; fax: 603-469-3790; the web site which includes pictures of the farm is

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