Dear Susan Beal

Very well written article on forgiveness. Forgiveness is truly “an expansion of awareness” that is seen less and less in our self-oriented society. Personally speaking it seems to be a quality of awareness that grows with use. Thank you for sharing those thoughts, I’ve been sharing your piece with many.

Jeremy Turner
Sunapee, NH

Dear PVQ,

What a beautiful Winter Issue! I only picked up a copy recently and was so impressed — the front cover gives such a sense of peace — the beauty of a candle in the dark — so much the way forgiveness feels. What a superb topic for winter when it’s so easy to get buried in the struggle. Thank you so much.

Thinking of your next issue on light and dark- I want to briefly mention El Salvador. I was there last October. Through a Sister Parish relationship, with a small community outside San Salvador, I have been getting to know as friends people who have lived with more poverty, war and trouble than I can fathom - and now the Jan 13th earthquake. Yet - when I think of the time I’ve spent with them, their light and spirit, despite all their difficulties, warms me. It’s a puzzle. I think we of North America have much to learn about light and dark. I know I do. So often our spirit - our light - seems to get dimmed by the way we live our lives. I’m looking forward to seeing what others will write for your Spring issue.

Thank you again,

Joanna Rueter
Newfane, VT

Dear Mr. Mueller,

Enclosed is a check for a 1 year, 4 -issue subscription to Planet Vermont Quarterly. I truly look forward to picking up a few issues each year when I visit the Waitsfield area. The articles are consistent in quality and currency—excellent. Thank you. I now look forward to broadening your subscriber area into NJ and receiving issues on a regular basis, not just once a year when I’m in Vermont.


Christine Danser
New Jersey

Dear Susan Beal,

I would like to support what you are doing. I’ve been monitoring Earth Consciousness all my life and as I was born in 1901 that’s a long time. It is surfacing so fast now even I can’t keep up with it—although I try!

We have in town a small project, The Little Village Sustainable Living Center and Coffee Shop. They would like to have maybe a dozen Planet Vermont Quarterlies to display. They’re a wonderful young couple trying to make a difference.

For the Earth,

Marion Leonard, Director
Save our World
Rochester, VT

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