Demystifying Astrology

By Lisa Verschoor

There has always been a great deal of mystery surround-ing Astrology. As with most sciences, it has, on occasion, been beneficial to the professionals involved to make it appear mysterious. Yet I truly believe that anyone with reasonable intelligence can construct a chart and locate and place the planets in their respective locations within the chart. The demands are primarily mathematical.

The interpretations of these “maps” and the analysis with which they are read, however, is not so easy. This is the discipline of a professional Astrologer. In the same way we would not expect a sailor to become proficient at the helm by handing him navigational maps and expecting him to navigate through weather and questionable territory, one would be quite lost having an astrological chart in hand without the guidance of a skilled Astrologer. Their expertise is a culmination of the ability to blend intuition and wisdom through the ongoing practice of reading charts, and recognizing the inherent patterns and energies that are becoming activated within a chart for a specific period of time.

While the predictions may have a variable outcome, based entirely on the free will of the person for whom they are made, the latent tendencies and intrinsic paradigms of energy are always accurately revealed. It is ultimately up to the individual as to how they choose to play out such tendencies.

For example, a client may have the planet Pluto transiting their 7th house of marriage. This planet is slow moving and brings a tremendous amount of power and transformative energy along with it. As Pluto has the reputation for transforming whatever it touches through death and rebirth, the energy is unavoidable. The marriage would dissolve if it were not built on a solid foundation based on the partners’ ability to change and grow together. However, the individuals may choose to work through and totally restructure the marriage, metamorphosing it and making it a solid, workable union . Either way, clients benefit by knowing they have a choice, that these changes are imminent, and that there is a specific time frame within which this will occur.

In other words, conscious decisions can be made as to how best to work with a particular astrological energy. This awareness empowers the individual with more choices that are psychologically healthy and relevant to the soul’s development. Insights into underlying causes of particular circumstances in our lives can lead us on an inward journey towards self-awareness. The aspects of ourselves that are revealed that may, heretofore, have been difficult to understand are brought into conscious awareness, so that they may be integrated and reconciled. Astrology is a very valuable tool for addressing these issues and moving through them.

It is widely recognized by more and more people today that the psychic expression of most illnesses within our bodies is biochemical. Thus, by enhancing our knowledge of ourselves and being offered the option of changing our perception about particular circumstances in our lives, we can work at changing our emotional bodies and rebalancing our inner chemistry. Change your mind, change your life. This approach, along with utilizing nutritional balancing, exercise, meditation and therapeutic touch has had widely acclaimed results in healing.

The two primary functions of Astrology are first, to give the physical life of the soul in this incarnation a meaning and a purpose. This is principally done by using a psychological assessment of the potentials in a chart. The second main function is to make predictions and give guidance, with a reasonable amount of accuracy, based on the information in the chart.

Charts are cast for the exact moment of birth by using the time, place and date of birth of the client. The planetary positions are located and the degree (there are 30 degrees in each of the 12 signs) and sign that they occupy based on the longitude and latitude at the birthplace. This is true whether it is a chart of an individual, a business, a marriage, a family pet, or anything with a physical beginning. The chart is made up of houses, signs and planets. The houses represent a specific area of life—for instance, the 1st house, also referred to as the rising sign, represents how a person projects and filters the personality and self image. The twelve signs indicate attitudes towards life and personality traits. The planets are archetypically referred to as the “messengers” of the Universe. By their continual motion through the houses and signs, they bring us the opportunities for soul growth necessary for unfoldment.

Significant Astrological Aspects coming up this fall:

August 29 - Virgo New Moon and Mars and Uranus are opposite each other. Harvest season coincides with doing some internal harvesting. Think of ways to be of service to others (Virgo). Work at staying centered, as things may appear chaotic with this line-up. Meditate on what you wish to bring into your life—new moons are new beginnings.

Sept. 4 - Jupiter-Pluto opposition. Dare to expand and let go of the old! Ruts only get deeper. Let go, let God.

Sept. 10 - Seven of the Planets are in Air signs - Imagination and communications are peaked. Social and artistic juices flowAgain on 9/19/00

Sept 12 - Saturn turns retrograde until 1/24/01 - review, realign and reevaluate structures. Limitations and boundariesrewards come through self-discipline.

Sept. 13 - Pisces Full Moon/Harvest Moon—use this energy to heal and bless Mother Earth. Spiritual growth and service to others accented. Important developments in healing make news. Sign up for a sweat lodge at Spirit Hollow.

Sept. 27 - Libra New Moon. Since Libra rules the 7th house of relationships, why not plant seeds for new at maintaining balance. Other planetary aspects indicate tensions that force us to expand and realign our energy.

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